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Codelux Crypter V2.6.1 Cracked by Blazed

Codelux Crypter V2.6.1 Cracked by Blazed

Codelux Crypter Cracked

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Sadam Crypter FUD Crack by Anonymous

Sadam Crypter is One of Best Crypter which is still FUD from last few years..
because it have auto updating feature.
its a Private Crypter today i am sharing Sadam Crypter which has been cracked by Anonymous.

Warning: Do not upload it on Virustotal or any other virus scaning site.

Video Tutorial

NjRat 0.7d

Download NjRat 0.7d Free 
Nj Rat is totally a different one developed on .net while many peoples mix its name with jRat but this is totally different one and the reason and this tool became popular of its great futures like it spreads via USB ,

Facebook Photo Verification Bypass Tool

Facebook Photo Verification Bypass Tool

Your FB Account is Locked ? Getting "Pretending to be some one else" error ? 
Here is a Simple Solution for you.
First one is you can use Japan Proxy on Mobile Phone or in PC Use and Japan Proxy. we know in japan this error is not appearing so we have to change our geo location to japan.
for that you just need a fresh alive japan proxy. you can take it from google, many sites are available there which provide free proxies.  
2nd Step is this simple tool in which you have to put only one japan ip/proxy and just login to facebook. it willl not ask for verifying photos of friends. you will got another 4 Options.. 
one of in these 4 . 
1:  Date of Birth ?
2:  Security Question ?
3: Txt a Code to your cell
4: Upload an ID ?

if you have cell access , or provided cell in account you can easily get your account back... if you dont have cell no. in account then it will ask for DOB  if u know what is DOB then you can tell them and its done. or security question the last one is uploading an Gov ID or license. 
Note:  dont worry if you got only sec Q option or Dob option and u dnt know that... keep trying after some days.. it will show all option then you can try another.

Next Tool:  Fake Gov ID & License & Passport Generator is coming soon. keep visiting.

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NanoCore R.A.T Cracked Download

STABLE & FAST - Aeonhack's NanoCore R.A.T -

The first cracked version of NanoCore RAT was leaked in December 2013; but this was an alpha version with very few capabilities enabled. The second leak in mid-February 2014 was a beta version with many more capabilities enabled and it was shortly after this version was posted to underground forums that we began to see spikes in NanoCore detections. There was a relatively short period of time between the leak of the first beta version ( and the first spike, possibly due to it taking time for the news to spread or the bad guys becoming familiar with the new RAT before they started using it.
A history of leaks
  • Alpha version leaked in December 2013
  • Beta version leaked in February 2014
  • Beta version leaked by multiple sources in March and April 2014
  • Beta version leaked by multiple sources in July and August 2014
  • Beta version leaked in October 2014
  • Full version (premium plugins) leaked in March 2015

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Bifrost RAT 1.2.1 Free Download

Bifrost  Remote Administration Tool [

Developer: ksv
Compiler: c++
Date Released: September 27th, 2004

Face Dominator 2.9 Latest Version Crack Free Download

FB Event Manager – Complete management of Events on facebook, Scrape users, Ask users to join it, etc.

Customize Your Account – You can upload accounts,Check active and deactivate accounts of facebook to upload a huge text file of accounts easily change the account profile name and language of the accounts.

Fanpage Manager – It can create Fanpage automatically or with your custom data. You can also use your keywords and categories to create pages

Friend Adder – You can add targeted friends in your account. Targeting can be done based on Geo-Location or from fanpages.

Wall Poster – You can post your message on the wall of friends or walls of fanpages with your targated keywords.

Group Manager – you can invite your friends to join the groups,send request to groups,Post photo,url and messages on groups easily.

Supports IP Proxies – It support both private and public proxies for all its features. You can also use Hide my Ass VPN to use with this tool.

Automatic Captcha – It support and for decoding captcha

Wall Posters
Auto Group Joiner
Targeted Friend Adder
Group Scraper
Fans Scraper
Multithreaded & Proxy Support
Group Campaign Manager
Group Request Manager
And Many More….

How It Works

FaceDominator is a tool which is very useful for managing and automating your facebook advertising campaign. Learn more about FaceDominator Features with our Case Studies to help your business.

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